teach math, science, & literacy through visual & performing arts, for autism & under served kids

Kids Project teaches math, science, history and literacy through the fine and performing arts.

Kids Project uses literature as a vehicle to introduce students to theatre, dance and visual art, while improving literacy skills and fostering greater self-esteem. We offer low-cost classes, performances and workshops to children of all ages.

Core Objectives:

To teach the whole child through creative multi-disciplinary classes in the arts.
To encourage each child to develop their artistic talents and develop social skills by interacting in small and diverse groups.
To provide a safe environment for children to experiment and then share their work through performances and gallery displays, further enriching students' self-esteem, creativity and appreciation for the arts.
Kids Project contracts multi-disciplinary artists from the community who have higher education degrees and years of experience.

1. serving 98% low income kids

2. changing the lives of all kids

3. "The arts are fundamental resources through which the world is viewed, meaning is created, and the mind developed."