Zachary Tompkins Stadium

Hi Everyone,
One of the things Zach did last was make a ceramic plate...

Zach's Stadium
Home of the Bears

In his Memory I intend to make this dream of his come true, Even if it takes me 50 years. Our future for Zach has changed. We will not see him graduate high school or college, we will never see him get married or meet his children....But what I will see... is this dream come true.

For anyone who would like to donate in Zachary's Honor

Zachary M. Tompkins Memorial Foundation
C/O TD Bank North
80 Derry Rd
Hudson, NH 03051
You can drop into any branch as well

Thank You!
Zach's Stadium Here we come!!!

Thank You everyone for all of your love and support


1. To build a stadium in honor of Zach