Tricycle Gardens grows healthy food, healthy communities, and a healthy economy.

Tricycle Gardens builds local food systems which grows healthy food, restores and rebuilds healthy ecologies, brings people together, and develops small, local economies. The ecology of our bodies and the ecology of our shared environments are fundamentally linked. Healthy cities are a reflection of a healthy food system and healthy environments. Through education programs, demonstration urban farming, and policy work, Tricycle Gardens is leading the way for a healthy food revolution. Engaging with broader and deeper ecological understanding, Tricycle Gardens has become the catalyst for changing relationships with our shared environments of Richmond AKA the James River watershed. The language of gardening cross all boundaries, and its metaphors for human human relationships are fertile. The evolution of Tricycle Gardens is taking us in to the arena of eco-nomic development, as we work towards creating new values around food and the stewardship of resources.

1. Ecological restoration

2. Local economy

3. Healthy food

4. Fair jobs & living wage