Hello Ignorant. My name is Disability.

And I am proud. Don't look at me for what I can't do, but look at me for what I can. Don't laugh at what I can say, but smile at what I can. Don't grimace at my body, but be happy that I am alive. Don't put me down because I do things that aren't "normal" or…Read More

Urgent Assistance Needed. Please Read

As you may know, I began this cause after a close "friend" decided she did not want her children being friends with my daughter because she was afraid Zoe would have an influence on them and cause them to be delayed too. Zoe has microcephaly and 22q13.3…Read More

Our newspaper article, that appeared in out local newspaper March 25, 2010

Brandi Meszaros just posted a link to your cause, They're Not a Disease. They're Beautiful: Support Equal Treatment of People with Disabilities (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/463316?m=1cfd5236): This is a great way to raise awareness of our disabilities…Read More

THANK YOU...On behalf of all those who have a disability and their families

We wanted to give a big thanks to you for supporting this cause and for helping to change how the world views these wonderful individuals. It doesn't matter if the person is in a wheelchair, or has autism, or any other condition that causes them to be deemed…Read More

Help get the word out.

Our children, our family, our friends, even our stranger who are neighbours should not have to suffer any more. Please spread the word about this group. Invite your friends, your family and let's start getting equal treatment for every person with a…Read More
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