Hope Trek is in an awareness trekking venture with the aim to promote books and reading through the delivery of donated library books to schools in the rural areas of Papua New Guinea

Hope Trek in its entirety is a revolutionary NON-PROFIT multi-pronged education and awareness concept that is envisaged to enlighten other Papua New Guineans on pressing issues by reaching out through a more demonstrative approach to empower them to be catalysts of change themselves through community outreach and the delivery of library books to remote schools in Papua New Guinea.

We see books as the cornerstone in education and is a vital ingredient in broadening the horizon of people, especially the young ones coming up. This is our own little way of doing something positive to help alleviate PNG's very low level of literacy, thus promoting development at the most fundamental level as possible.

With BOOKS as its primary focus, the other key agenda addressed in its awareness runs include the following:

1. Books and the importance of reading
2. Environment and conservation awareness
3. Climate change awareness
4. Self-reliance and responsible living
5. Sustainable income generation: eg, Eco-tourism
6. Youth mobilization
7. Cholera awareness and basic hygiene

In the pilot run of this project, donated library books initially secured through the help of Hope Worldwide PNG were freighted to two schools in the Highlands of PNG. The HT members then trekked the arduous Kokoda Trail and traveled through 5 provinces, conducting outreach awareness every step of the way to eventually arrive at those first two schools.

Hope Trek seeks not funding in the traditional sense of asking for donations. Instead, standing by one of its key points of being SELF-RELIANT, we encourage the participation of all interested individuals and organizations alike to participate in its fundraising drives, the primary one being the Shirt-for-Books Campaign where ALL proceeds from the sale of these T-shirts will go into the logistical needs of getting these books to their destinations and to assist the 'foot soldiers' of outreach campaigners with their trekking expenses. In saying that, however, donations out from the heart in cash or kind (being logistical support and/or book donations) are more than welcome. As such, this exercise seeks to include people from all demography to have ownership of this revolutionary concept so we can all say that we are a part of this process in assisting these needy communities and children.

More information and developments in this ongoing project can be found at our website/blog at http://hopetrek.wordpress.com. We also have a facebook page (http://facebook.com/hopetrek) and this Causes page that we use to keep members abreast on developments as well.

We thank you for your continuous support and look forward to seeing this venture grow to inspire change and to promote development in our own little way.



1. http://hopetrek.wordpress.com

2. http://twitter.com/hopetrek

3. http://www.facebook.com/hopetrek