Keep the Jacobite spirit alive

Although long gone, the Jacobite Cause is one that many people fought and died for.
The Stuart dynasty was driven away into exile from the Scottish throne by the Dutch William III. During several campaigns in Scotland,the supporters of king James VIII of Scotland, tried to regain the throne for the Stuarts. The Jacobites were utterly defeated at Culloden/Drummossie Moor on April 16th, 1746. Prince Charles Edward Stuart, the young chevalier, was the last hope for the Jacobites, although he was only driven by romance and adventure.
All of you who still pay tribute to the Jacobite Cause and are proud to wear a blue bonnet or white cockade, join the cause!

Although there is nothing we can change about the situation, we can still be Jacobites at heart!
To the memory of Bruce and Wallace, for the king and Prince Charlie! Cheers!

1. The House of Stuart should still be honored

2. The Jacobite cause should never die