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Pledge your Peace this Season

Dear Peace it Together cause members,

As 2009 draws to an end and you begin reflecting on the events of 2009, please consider a gift to Peace it Together. With over 550 members and 36 other causes supporting us, a small donation from each of you can go a long way. Please give what you can and invite 10 of your friends to match it! Here is where the money will go:

Peace Education in the Middle East. Help us fund partners to facilitate educational screenings of the Peace it Together films for Palestinian and Israeli students. Help us enable the films to inspire young people to talk honestly about the conflict and find peaceful ways to resolve it.

Public engagement. A multi-pronged public engagement project centered on the Peace it Together films will enable the young filmmakers to share their insights with a vast audience. With your contribution, the project will foster interactive participation, including a Web-hub, a blog, on-line educational materials, and film screenings supported by schools and community groups.

Peace Education in the rest of the world. We continue to spend time marketing our educational package ( to Schools and community groups outside the Region. Go to to learn more, watch the short trailer ( and pass it onto the educators in your life.

Planning the next filmmaking program. We anticipate our next filmmaking program to take place in 2011 and we are already busy exploring possible venues and planning for the event to build on the success of our past programs. This requires time and money!

Invest in Peace. We are seeking your renewed investment in the Peace it Together Society. Please visit our website (, watch the films and let the young leaders’ emphatic calls for peace inspire you to make a contribution.

To contribute, use the Causes application or visit for other methods.

We appreciate your time and consideration and are grateful for your continued support and investment towards our collective vision.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

The Peace it Together Team

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