empowering youth to promote peace through dialogue, filmmaking and multi-media

Peace it Together is a non-profit (Canadian Charity) organization with a big vision: To build a community of creative leaders who will inspire and teach others to work towards peace.

In 2006 and 2008 on Canada’s West Coast, Israeli, Palestinian, and Canadian youths came together with leading filmmakers and skilled facilitators at three-week camps, collaborating to make films that communicate their hopes and fears about life in the conflicted regions of the Middle East.

For audiences, the short films are undeniably powerful. For the participants who made them, the films are transformative. The process of making them and their impact has been life-changing. Throughout the process, both in Canada and in the Middle East, Peace it Together has worked with the youths to disseminate the films as educational tools, inspiring others in their community and around the world.

Film and new media transcend borders and barriers, and are among the most powerful tools for creating meaningful change.

Moreover, they are the preeminent form of communication for youth today, providing a unifying force for breaking down barriers — both real and imagined. By using dialogue as the catalyst, and film as the vehicle for the message, the young participants of the Peace it Together programs go home inspired, committed, and with a newfound love of a medium more powerful than any weapon.

Watch all 15 short films on the Peace it Together website. http://www.peaceittogether.ca/youth_films.asp

1. Palestinians and Israelis can and must live in peace.

2. Films have a unique power to encourage curiosity and foster understanding.

3. Creative leaders are needed to support a culture of justice and collaboration.