Lobby Delegation on Immigration Detention Reform

Hello Everyone! I will be leading an Amnesty USA lobby delegation for those residing in PA; specifically South Central PA for Senator Specter, and District 16 Congressman Joe Pitts. There are several delegations from various areas of the US being…Read More


Hi Everyone! Well, I'm not sure if we'll make our goal of 1000 members by June 1st. We have 832 so far, which is very well done! 168 left to go. Whether we make our deadline or not, we should continue to make an effort to spread the word! It's hard to take…Read More


We have arrived at the 820 mark. Only 180 more to go. There is one week left in May! That's about 26 people needed per day. We have 820, which means it is not impossible to do! Once we meet this benchmark, we'll be able to move on to see what the next goal…Read More

Not much time...

The calendar is cycling. Let's get inviting!!! We are not far off from 1000 members. We CAN do this! In Solidarity, Dori Kenyon

Membership Drive

Hi everyone! So, the goal was set for 1000 members by May 31st. We have 805 members now and only 195 left to recruit. That is only 11 people a day! We can do this standing on our heads! There is no reason we can't make it happen. We could have 195 more…Read More


Hi everyone! Now, I believe it is obvious why we are all here right? We all must have a strong belief in Human Rights for all people everywhere! I realize there is another Amnesty cause (of which I am also a member), and they have a membership number in the…Read More
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