Georgia Animal Project's mission is to reduce animal suffering and confront companion-animal overpopulation

Please visit: theanimalproject.org
The Georgia Animal Project targets the root cause of animal overpopulation with a sound solution
- low-cost spaying and neutering. We work with local veterinarians to sponsor several spay/neuter
clinics each month in Northern Georgia. The costs associated with our clinics are significantly
reduced from what a veterinarian will typically charge, and the fee we quote for our services can
vary depending upon your ability to pay. When you make an appointment, we will tell you what
our costs are to perform the surgery. We then ask that you pay the full amount of these costs. If
you are unable to pay the full costs, our clinic coordinator can help arrange an alternative solution
through pricing discounts and subsidies. We do provide limited no-cost spay/neuters to those in
our community most in need.

1. Reduce companion overpopulation

2. Reduce animal suffering

3. Help low income families keep their companion animals in their home

4. Humane Education