My mission is to raise awareness to parents and teens about the dangers of huffing and how it can affect their lives.

I am trying to raise awareness about teens and huffing. There are no signs that your child is huffing and most parents dont know anything about it. Recently my beautiful cousin Tiffany(in the picture) died from huffing 10/07/09. Tiffany was so addicted to huffing. Most of the kids are huffing air duster and you wouldnt think its addictive but it is. And unfortunately by the time our family found out about her habit it was to late she was so addicted and wouldnt stop and overdosed. She was only 16 and came from a wonderful and respectable family. This is something so serious because its not like other drugs, they wont act different and theres so signs that they could be doing it and its so easy to get a hold of, anyone can just go in the store and buy it. And the long term affects are the worst and it kills so quickly with no warning. Please try to raise awareness, tiffany is not the only precious child to lose her life to this and if we dont get the word out and inform parents and kids we will lose alot more precious lives. Parents need to talk to their kids and they need to teach about in school with the DARE programs and most importantly stores need to lock it up and start IDing people. There are so many things I think about everyday that I wish i could have done for tiffany and i'll never have that chance again but if i could just get this info out and atleast touch one person or help pne child then tiffanys death wont be in vain.
thank you to all who will help

1. for more information please visit http://inhalant.org/inhalant/?gclid=CIHWu9H3vaACFQYoawodCBIrTg

2. Huffing is the most dangerous drug right now because its legal, anyone can buy it and there are no signs a child is doing it.

3. you c an also go to http://www.teenhelp.com/teen-drug-abuse/inhalants-and-huffing.html and look at the long term affects what it can do to your body