To bring Yoga to elementary school in hope of teaching children about the use of their energy, bodies, minds and personal space.

YogaCORE is a nonprofit charitable organization that works to realize a peaceful and just world through community programs that help the disadvantaged and oppressed. YogaCORE seeks to benefit America's next generation of leaders, and tackle the toughest problems facing our society through early childhood intervention.

YC has specifically designed and developed a curriculum for teaching its instructors how to teach Yoga to children. YC trains instructors using this curriculum and places instructors into several partner program sites throughout the Santa Monica community. YC seeks to educate children in Title I elementary schools in the practice of yoga. Yoga offers children physical education, mental health education as well as musical education.

Our cause is vital to improving our community. Recent economic events have forced the California public school system to make dramatic budget cuts. Budgets for health, music, and physical education were negatively affected.

yogaCORE seeks to fill the gaps left by these recent budget cuts through its in-school and after-school programs.


1. To let children be themselves.

2. To allow children to express their energy and know how to control it

3. To allow children to find an inner sense of calm