Kids Psych ER vists

Kids' ER Visits For Psychiatric Care Inching Up By Fran Lowry Reuters Health October 24, 2011 Emergency room doctors are seeing more and more kids for mental health problems, and…Read More

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' newhew forcibly disrobed and Tasered in ER

Yet another person is can be mistreated in an ER - almost killed - in this case he was forced to disrobe and Tasered when he refused. This could have killed Derek Thomas, Supreme Court Clarence Thomas' nephew, Derek. A good reason to invite more freidns to…Read More

Another Way to Get Active in the ER rights Campaign - ongoing forums in Framingham, MASS

The "Psychiatric Services" Forum went really well. About 14 MPOWER advocates came from many parts of the state to share their lived experiences in ERs. We made a very positive contribution to awareness of ER issues we and so many others have experienced.There…Read More

Important Event in Framingham, MASS - Forum on Emergency Services!

From NAMI-MASS Announcement: Psychiatric Emergencies: Managing the Crisis Every day, in every major city 911 responders and hospital emergency departments address Psychiatric Emergencies. Patients are often inappropriately treated, and involuntarily…Read More

Er bill H.3585 (Massachsuetts) is not voted on favorably. Summer action being planned!

This years' ER rights bill in Mass has been killed, "referred out for study" by the joint committee on health care financing, which is ironic, since the bill would have had no cost to the Commonwealth. Let's create a firestorm of disapproval! If you would…Read More

Action Alert: H.3585 "ER rights bill" only moves on if you act 4/21! Please read this message - click on the link! (seems few people know to do this)

Call to action! MPOWER, together with ER RIghts activists will make on final push by flooding their Representative's and Senator's offices in person to create an Impact so the ER bill, H.3585, "is reported out favorably: of the Joint Committee in Health Care…Read More

Seeking peers who want to get more involved and how to keep up with the latest news

Hello! If you have wanted to get more involved in any aspect of the movement to End ER abuse, let's do it! There are so many ways to be an advocate both on Facebook and off. However, we are experiencing problems with getting the word out about these various…Read More
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