Please change your profile pic.تکایه‌ له‌ رۆژی 16ی سێ‌دا وێنه‌‌ی پرۆفایلی فه‌‌یسبوکتان بگۆڕن به‌ وێنه‌‌که‌‌ی عومه‌ری خاوه‌ر ‌

hi To commemorate March 16th lets change our facebook profile picture to Omari Xawar pic ( if you a member of this cause, please go a head and change your pic NOW) وێنه‌‌ی پرۆفایله‌که‌ت بگۆڕه‌ به‌ وێنه‌‌ی عومه‌‌ری خاوه‌‌ر (‌هه‌‌ر ئێستا) تکایه‌
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