16 people in 1 week, we need 800 in 3 weeks. Can you help

Dear Friends Thank you for helping our cause to reach more people. We welcome all the 16 who joined our journey towards a tobacco free nation. It is high time to wake up and act with passion. The best time to act was a year back. The next best time is…Read More

Reaching 2500 Members- Our Target for July

Dear Champions, We are all at a decisive point of our lives. We have been just fantastic over the last one year of our journey to fight tobacco. We are now a big number of 1705 dedicated people. But we need to reach 2500 members by the end of July 2011. For…Read More

You can Advocate our Cause

Dear Friends Please invite your facebook friends to the cause.

Its Time to Say THANK YOU

Dear Friend and Comrade Campaigner I must say the best 'thank you' that I have ever uttered. Because of people like you, the humble cause we started 8 months ago has crossed the esteemed milestone of 1000 memberships. The target was to cross the same in 12…Read More

we can really create a tobacco free world

Thank you very much for being part of the cause. now we are on a campaign to reach 1000 members in the cause and your support is crucial to this. Please beg/ ask/ compel your friends to be part of this cause. Let us have a tobacco free world any facebook…Read More

why cant we become a larger movement.

thank you very much for being part of this cause. you can contribute further by inviting your facebook friends to join the cause. we plan to reach 1000 memberships in 2010. we are 814 as of now. there is a possibility that if each one of us recruit one…Read More

Anyone Can Change the World; Even You!

Dear Friends and Activists It is a proud moment to see that the most humble movement against tobacco that we started has reached new heights these days. Still we have a long way to go. We have to make our voice louder. We have to make the group bigger and…Read More
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