Kari's cats are safe at last.

Kari Winters was an award winning pet writer and animal welfare activist who died mysteriously. At long last, her surviving cats are finally safe. They are in a loving foster home and will be placed with people Kari would want to have them. When Kari died,…Read More

Column number four on our progress (from the Albuquerque Journal)

PLEASE READ FIRST: You can click on the trial subscription on the lower left half of the page and read this for free. http://www.abqjournal.com/cgi-bin/print_it.pl?page=/upfront/162338276262upfront04-16-10.htm

correct email address

Sorry, I mistyped my email. [email protected]

follow-up story needs info

The reporter that did the original stories in New Mexico is doing a follow-up study. She asked for information on where everyone was from and how many people sent letters. I realize your location is on your profile. So I do not have to check 116 profiles,…Read More

100 members, NM has 2 letters

All righty then. We have a 100 members. The people in NM have gotten 2 letters. What is wrong with this picture? If you have not sent your letters, please do so. We need mass to move the boulder sitting in the way of an investigation. Thank you.

getting nasty emails? Forward them to Stephanie

Sorry to disturb you with the extra bulletin, but someone is sending nasty emails to cause members attacking those mentioned in the newspaper article. If you get one, please forward them to me, Stephanie, at [email protected], so we can collect…Read More

We are having an impact -- one additional letter needed

I just spoke with the district supervisor for probation in Albuquerque, NM. He has filed reports that there are too many animals in the home, although he says there is only one too many. Still, it has put this woman on his radar and they are watching. He did…Read More
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