Merry Christmas !!

Enjoy holidays!! Many kisses!! Ana

Vote for Michael!!

http://newsroom.mtv.com/2011/08/12/most-iconic-vma-moments/ Click on this!! When you open this page, under some pictures and text is poll !! Please vote for Michael Jackson!! It's just click, nothing else!!


Our mission is to show Michael Jackson how much we love him. Being Michael Jackson fan doesn't mean just to love him and listen his music, but also fight against haters.There are few pages on facebook against MJ ("I hate MJ", "MJ sucks", "MJ - lovers vs…Read More

We have to stop haters!!There's nothing that can't be done If we raise our voice as one!!

Our mission is to show Michael how much we love him

Elizabeth Taylor

Rest in peace Liberian girl .. Song "Liberian Girl" from Michael is dedicated to his close friend and actress Elizabeth Taylor. Goodbye legend! World will never forget you Liberian girl.. And thank you so much because you share everything with Michael, thanks…Read More

Happy Birthday Mike !

We love you darling !!
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