please beaware of FALSE GURUS

jai shri mataji Brother and Sisters all over the world. Thanks for the great response of the last bulletin. We all try to get common views on the issues related to sahajayoga and we must be in contact by one means or other. Shri Mataji have already told us…Read More

Doing good to Ill People

Jai Shri Mataji To all sisters and brother all over the world. Through this cause we all sahajayogins and sahajayogis are connected to share our experience, problems and joy to include everyone through their CHIT. What a great technology it is. though…Read More

sahajayoga awareness

Jai Shri mataji To all the brother and sisters around the world. As we know and Feel that we are all become one. No differences of race, country ,caste, religion , color are binding us any more. We are the children of one mother whose power we feel every…Read More

cool check

jai shri mataji to all my sahaji brother and sister , Thanks for your reading our discussion on SAHAJAYOGA MARRIAGES But the views are very less. If we can spend some more time to send the views then it will be great. you can even send me your views on my…Read More

sahaj marriage

Jai shri mataji to all our brothers and sisters. Our greatest to ADI SHAKTI SHRI MATAJI that in India shri mataji gave us the golden chance of the virat puja and so we pour greatest thanks in the holy feet of shri mataji. Today We want to discuss an…Read More

jai shri mataji

jai shri mataji , Hope you are all fine and enjoying the grace of Shri mataji. We all are attending the seminars and learned a lot. The thing we want to discuss here is Sahaja yoga awareness. We all have intense feelings to spread Sahajayoga. But as Shri…Read More

jai shri mataji

enjoy reading this story hi, here is another beautiful story which I want to share with you but before that I want to say that we must do some introspection like sitting clam on a chair or some where and close our eyes and try see ourself and ask Who I…Read More
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