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Facebook group formed to support a survivor

Members of the One in Four Cause group. If you have not yet joined the facebook group "500 voices say University of Pacific: Date Rape IS Outright Rape," I encourage you to do so. Published reports in the Stockton Record (CA) confirm that three University of Pacific male students gang raped a University of Pacific female student. When not all three were expelled, the survivor sued. The University's response, according to published reports, included a statement by Pacific spokesman Richard Rojo that

"the school does not consider the incident to be a rape."
"We would call it date rape," he said. Rojo said the university considers "outright rape" and date rape to be different, in that date rape does not involve "a rapist jumping out of bushes and attacking people randomly."

Subsequent to feeling that the University treated the case in a hostile manner and feeling unwanted by the institution, the survivor left the University.

In a classic victim blaming move, published reports indicate that in the University's filings with the courts on this case that the survivor engaged in "sleazy behavior" prior to the rape.

The survivor is also quoted as saying that V.P. for student Affairs Elizabeth Griego blamed Doe for the assault and said the three men "are very popular and do not need to force anyone to have sex with them."

In its filing, the university said Griego told Doe that "given the testimony of all witnesses questioned (which plaintiff had refused to listen to) there might be 'competing truths,'" and that it appeared from testimony that two of the men believed they had the woman's consent.

This raises the question of what possible competing truth could be relevant to VP Griego. Why would she say this to a sexual assault survivor?

If the survivor's accounts are accurate, serious questions are raised about whether Richard Rojo should keep his job, whether VP Greigo should keep her job, and whether VP Greigo should assume the Presidency of NASPA, one of the largest associations of college administrators in the USA.

Please join the facebook group "500 voices say University of Pacific: Date Rape IS Outright Rape" to help spread awarenes about this case and to support the survivor. Thank you.

Dr. John Foubert, Author, The Men's Program: A Peer Education Guide to Rape Prevention

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