End Sexual Assault on College Campuses and in the Military

One in Four is a nonprofit organization working toward a day when there is no more rape and no more need for our organization. Because one in four college women have survived rape or attempted rape, we seek to educate men across the nation about how to help women recover from rape, how to intervene if a friend might sexually assault someone AND we seek to educate men to prevent them from sexually assaulting someone in the first place.

We have over 30 chapters on college campuses nationwide and 4 guys who live in an RV for 9 months a year presenting our program "How to help a sexual assault survivor: What men can do" to over 50 schools and military bases a year. We've reached over 21,000 people in the last 3 years alone through the RV tour!

Our program has just been shown to be the first in history to EVER show a DECREASE IN SEXUAL ASSAULT among groups of men who see it compared to men who don't. And then we lost our government grant. Go figure.


To support us we hope you will consider becoming part of our new support program: "Work a Day for One in Four." The idea is this. Figure out what you earn in one day at your job, in your summer job or permanent employment. Decide if you are willing to give the equivalent of one day's salary to support the tour. If you decide "yes," then give on this site or write a check or go on line and give by credit card. Its that easy. When you think about it, with 20 women surviving rape every hour in the US, that means 480 survive rape every day. Can't we all work a day to lower that number?

Checks can be mailed to One in Four, P.O. Box 6912, Williamsburg VA 23188. Get a few friends together and make the idea contagious!

So how much rape do you want to end?

1. One in four college women survive rape or attempted rape.

2. Statistics can change.

3. Men can help.

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