NBRF Support for Mia

Hello NBRF members. I have found a family currently in treatment and encourage all of you to pray and donate toward this family’s journey. The child we will be supporting is 3-year-old Mia. Her family is close to a dear friend of mine and it means a lot to us…Read More

Changing Host Sight!

Hello Little Warriors members.  I have decided to change the host site, due to my frustration with Causes.  I have a lot of trouble making changes and communicating with members. I also do not like the frequent changes to the system.  Thanks to everyone for…Read More

NBRF is now Little Warriors Recovery Fund (LWRF)

Hello members. We have made a slight change to the fund....just the name. The No Burden and Recovery Fund, will now be the Little Warriors Recovery Fund. I wanted to reflect how brave the children are when having to face the fight of their life, battling…Read More

Get on board for Mia

Please pray and if possible, donate to this cause to help Mia and her family. Keep NBRF moving and helping others in need and fighting cancer. Thank you

Sept Update on Mia! Keep the prayers coming!

I realize it's been a while since we have posted an update. Mia has had 4 hospitalizations and 6 ER trips since mid-June. Sounds awful but we have a lot to be thankful for. It has been determined that Mia's port needs to come out and be replaced! Her port is…Read More

Prayer Warriors Needed!

Mia update- our brave girl has what is either a port or blood infection. The tests done to determine exact type of infection usually take 24-48 hours. We are glad to know the cause of her headache and sudden high fever on Thursday night. As always she's been…Read More

Update: New Treatment for Mia - Please continue the support!

Hi Everyone! After last weeks MRI it took a few days for the next course of treatment to be figured out. For those of you that do not know, here is the update: On June 15 I will undergo surgery to receive a gtube. This will allow for me to get the treatment…Read More
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