make Toronto an art appreciative city, beginning with graffiti

As of recently there has been a lot of campaigning for a program started by the city of Toronto called 'Give Graffiti the Brush-Off'. Some of their suggested ways of preventing graffiti are to install cameras, neighbourhood watch groups, paint dark colours, planting climbing vines, and use of murals. The use of murals has already began in Toronto, but the problem is that there is no recognition for those who have already painted murals in the city of Toronto, because they are done in the style of graffiti. There are a lot of amazing artists who are using spraypaint as their medium and walls, fences and bridges as their canvas. If the city wants to end tagging, putting a hold on larger, more artistically developed works isn't a way of doing it.

1. Graffiti artists should be allowed to showcase their talent.