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Kenya Team 2011 Bob and LuAnn Herring arrived safely in Kitale Jan. 15th, followed nearly a month later by the rest of the team, pictured below. Their first day in Kitale, they were joyfully meeting the kids at the school. Neema Care Centre is running…Read More

we need a video projector!

Hey, everyone! Bob and I are leaving in 6 days(!)...and we still need a video projector and DVD player for Kenya. Anybody got one or can get one? It could come with Caleb and Eva when they leave Feb 8, too....

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Year end letter, 2010 .by Africa Connect on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 10:05pm. As we prepare to leave again for Kenya on January 13, we look back with a sense of awe. Wow, what a year! It certainly presented its challenges, but through them all, it…Read More

Caleb and EvaJoy get ready to go to Kenya!

Caleb and I (Eva) became friends in February 2007 when we travelled to Kenya with Africa Connect, which was started by my parents, Bob and LuAnn Herring. Africa Connect had recently partnered with a small Kenyan run free preschool in Tuwani, a slum of Kitale.…Read More

Our students at home

LuAnn Herring just posted a photo to your cause, Africa Connect (Kenya) (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/457695?m=ad86c4a5): Thanks, LuAnn Herring Orm Toleo at home (http://media.causes.com/767965?m=ad86c4a5&s=email) Why this photo matters to the…Read More

Website link

LuAnn Herring just posted a link to your cause, Africa Connect (Kenya) (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/457695?m=b92d4718): Thanks, LuAnn Herring Slm Africa Connect-Home >>Partnering with African communities; facilitating comprehensive transformation…Read More
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