Why am I not surprised?

So the International Monetary Fund thinks that the Coalition Government have got it "right" as far as cutting public expenditure is concerned. Given that this is an organisation whos entire raison d'etre is the promotion and protection of the banking system…Read More

A Message for the next Week's Elections

One week to Polling Day across the country and all the forecasts are that the Coalition Parties are going to take something of a battering. Opposition Parties up and down the land are making much of the effects of Government public expenditure cuts on local…Read More

Your Reward - £500 for every minute of every day!

Question – By how much has your Local Authority cut its budget by for 2011/12? Now jot the answer down on a piece of paper. FACT. If this Government collected all the money due to it from the tax cheats. They would be able to give your Local Authority…Read More

Sometimes words are simply inadequate.

I wouldn't normally issue another Bulletin so soon after the previous one but...! Barclays Bank profit = £11.6bn. Barclays Tax = 1% Now click on previous Bulletins and read the previous one and remind yourself what this means for people like us. Time to…Read More

The Reality of the "Big Society"

In the last Bulletin, I listed a selection of the cuts in public services that were being proposed that I had picked up from various posts from friends on Facebook. These were: - Proposed privatisation of our forests and woodlands, huge cuts in subsidised…Read More

Have they got to you yet? Don't worry - they soon will if you let them!

Not a day passes without someone, somewhere posting on FaceBook the consequences for ordinary people of the Government’s austerity measures as they begin to bite. The country is up in arms at the Government’s proposals to sell off our forests, a move that is…Read More

I'll bet you never thought things could get this mad!

Is it just me – or has this Government finally taken leave of all its senses? As you will know, this site has been banging on since before the General Election last May about the scandal of the super rich and the corporations they run who are cheating us out…Read More
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