Message from the White River Forest Aliance

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ White River Forest Alliance Newsletter RE: Urgent Pitkin County Commissioners to sign letter of support for Hidden Gems Wendsday the 17th at nooon! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is…Read More

This is a great letter OPPOSED to Hidden Gems

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Heavy-handed Hidden Gems tactics Dear Editor: In response to the recent news relating to Hidden Gems not making any additional adjustments to their boundaries for existing and historical recreation use, the White River Forest Alliance…Read More

Please take amount to take the poll and forward it on

June 2010 Welcome to White River Forest Alliance There is a new online poll involving Hidden Gems. Take a second, vote and pass it on.

Spekaing out Against Hidden Gems

Dear Editor: Three meetings are scheduled with U.S. Rep. Jared Polis to discuss the Hidden Gems proposal. The meetings are being held in Eagle, Summit and Boulder counties. Pitkin County and the Roaring Fork Valley were not included even though it is the…Read More

A Great Letter in the Vail Daily and Glenwood Post Just say 'NO' to Hidden Gems

Calling all White River National Forest users! Let's say ‘no' to the Hidden Gems wilderness proposal! U.S. Representative Jared Polis, the most likely representative to endorse this proposal and submit it to Congress, is holding three public forums: June 1…Read More

We were lied too!!!!!

Well if you haven't heard, we got royaly screwed by the Hidden Gems group, after they told us they were not ready to submit their proposal, they went right ahead and submitted to Polis March 31, 10 with no revisions and no discussion from other stakeholders.…Read More

All right Summit and Eagle County motorized users, the time is here.

All right Summit and Eagle County motorized users, the time is here. You don't like the proposed Hidden Gems Wilderness? You pissed off at losing your favorite riding areas? Now here's your chance to tell the man who's going to sponsor it, in…Read More
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