Raise money and awareness to stop the mistreatment and torture of sloth bears in India.

The life of India's so-called dancing bears looks like torture: Captured as cubs, the shaggy, insect-eating sloth bears are trained to "dance" on hot coals for coin-tossing tourists as a handler tugs on a rope punched through a hole in their snout. Their handlers often knock out some teeth to render the animals less "dangerous" (although the tradition's beginnings grew from the sloth bears' friendly and sweet nature). Others suffer infections or go blind from malnutrition or disease. While illegal, the ancient practice persists in many areas.

Humane Society International and Wildlife SOS are giving Indian sloth bears a second chance at life by rescuing them from handlers. The handlers are convinced by the groups to surrender their animals, and in exchange, they provide education and training to those who depend on the bears for their livelihood. In this way, the groups are helping all parties involved in this horrible tradition to live better lives.

Also, rather than being kept in captivity or zoos after being rescued, the bears are rehabilitated and then returned to the wild, where the belong.

1. The torture of sloth bears must end immediately.

2. Handlers of sloth bears should not be punished, but trained into another job, as they are just trying to make a living.

3. Wild animals are not meant to be taken out of their natural habitat and used as entertainment for the masses.

4. Rescued animals are not meant to live in captivity or kept in zoos, but should be rehabilitated and returned to the wild where they belong.