To get the word out there about Aspergers Syndrome

This cause is for everyone affected by Aspergers no one is discriminated for age of the person afflicted. It is a support group a place to find hope, a place to find friends and a place to share your feelings good or bad. If you don't like any of the above reasons I'm very sorry.
My goal of this site are to encourage parents and those with ASD that it is possible to have a wonderful life with this disorder. My mom said it best, " It was challenging, wonderful, depressing and exhilarating to raise a child with Asperger’s Disorder. It was and is all those things. My daughter has every aspect of Asperger’s Disorder: sensory and auditory processing, auditory memory, balance and coordination, proprioception, social receptive delays, difficulty with change, hypersensitivity to touch and sounds, sleep problems and medical issues. She has a seizure type, movement disorder, and a blood pressure regulating disorder as well as visual field problems. All of these things make it hard to just “fit in” with her peers, which is exactly what she would like to do. Like any young person, she has just wanted to be part of her peer group, but her differences are so all encompassing, that no matter how many she has conquered in one way or another, she still cannot stop her jaw from shaking uncontrollably, or has yet to master eye to eye contact, carry on a give and take conversation with new acquaintances or possess the proper muscle coordination while standing to make a speech in a class or while sitting for long periods of time. Yet, she graduated from High School as a Presidential Scholar, she is on the Deans Honor Roll at college and she has a small group of friends who have accepted her for herself. At this time, she has a life, her own apartment, a career in the making and a boyfriend. We have a relationship that is solid, loving and strong built from the days, weeks and years of dealing with a disorder she would never have asked for, but that she has taken on with all her heart, strength, persistence and soul. These are part of the joy and exhilaration for me. We have been, together and separately, from the depths of despair that her life would ever be “normal”, to the heights of her present life, which is one of her choosing and one that gives her satisfaction, hope, friendship, love and joy. Today, this day, she has Asperger’s Disorder and it does not have control of her."
Asperger syndrome is a pervasive developmental disorder that is characterized by an inability to understand how to interact socially. Typical features of the syndrome also may include clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements, social impairment with extreme egocentricity, limited interests and unusual preoccupations, repetitive routines or rituals, speech and language peculiarities, and non-verbal communication problems.
People with Asperger syndrome ("Aspies" as many call themselves) generally have few facial expressions apart from anger or misery. Most have excellent rote memory and musical ability, and become intensely interested in one or two subjects (sometimes to the exclusion of other topics). They may talk at length about a favorite subject or repeat a word or phrase many times. People with Asperger syndrome tend to be "in their own world" and preoccupied with their own agenda.
There is no specific course of treatment or cure for Asperger syndrome.
Children with Asperger syndrome have a better outlook than those with other forms of pervasive developmental disorders and are much more likely to grow up to be independently functioning adults. Nonetheless, in most cases, these individuals will continue to demonstrate, to some extent, subtle disturbances in social interactions. There is also an increased risk for development of psychosis (a mental disorder) and/or mood problems such as depression and anxiety in the later years.