To provide literacy and basic education services to low-income adults, children and families in Hawai`i, and increase their economic and educational opportunities.

Each year, we serve over 2,800 low-income adults, children and families. Hawaii Literacy’s programs give adults a second chance to learn to read and write, bring thousands of books to underserved children, teach families to read together, and provide daily education programs for at-risk youth to help them succeed in school. Greater literacy results in less poverty, lower drop-out rates, less welfare dependence and greater economic growth- not just for the individual or family, but for the whole community! Please join us in helping to end illiteracy in Hawai`i and bring opportunity and hope to those who struggle each day.

1. 17% of adults in Hawai`i are not functionally literate.

2. 43% of adults with the lowest literacy skills, and their children, live in poverty.

3. Children who grow up with parents who can not read, are likely to live in poverty, and are more likely to drop out of school.

4. Adults, children and families all benefit, through greater self-confidence, better job opportunities, and education when parents learn to read.

5. Learn more about our Adult Literacy, Family Literacy, ELL and Bookmobile (Classroom on Wheels) programs at www.hawaiiliteracy.org. Mahalo!