Let's Give to Help Ayan

This is my little neighbor who has battled for his life since he was one week old. He is six years old, his name is Ayan, and he and his family have been going through many difficult challenges in the past two years. If you can help out in any way I would be so appreciative. You can now donate on Ayan's website: www.forayan.weebly.com, through secured PayPal. I know these are tough times with our economy, but I just can't imagine having to go through something like this with such a small precious child.
Thank you and love you all!

Again, please check out Ayan's website:

1. All money donated will go to help with Ayan's medical bills

2. Check out Ayan's website: www.forayan.weebly.com

3. You can donate on Ayan's website through PayPal!