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Fight poverty in Afghanistan by hating Nickelback.

A message from Tim Fullerton of Oxfam America, the charity that stands to benefit from abolishing Nickelback.

I personally didn't read it, but who doesn't want to fight poverty? Probably the best way to fight poverty in Afghanistan is hating Nickelback. The more we all hate Nickelback, the less that the frivolous, capitalist pig aspect of our Western culture will show through to radical muslims, and poverty will improve.

So, increase the hate, decrease the poverty.
We’ve all read the headlines. The crisis in Afghanistan continues to worsen, while the US continues to spend millions of dollars per month in foreign assistance. What’s worse is that US foreign aid in Afghanistan is failing to reach its full potential because short-term and security goals are being emphasized over a coordinated and effective strategy to reduce poverty.

Fortunately, there is a major effort underway in the House Foreign Relations Committee to make US aid more effective at combating extreme poverty in Afghanistan and other developing countries. But the committee needs to hear from you before they make this a priority this year. ">Sign our Facebook petition asking Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Howard Berman to make foreign aid more effective at fighting poverty.

Like Oxfam, Chairman Berman wants to make the US foreign aid system more efficient and effective at combating global poverty. (For example, at least 60 percent of US foreign aid funding never leaves the US; instead it is spent on salary and benefit packages for corporate consultants – packages so generous that just one of them would be enough to feed, clothe, and educate hundreds of African children for years) But more calls and emails are necessary before aggressive reform will make it through Congress. Can you help? ">Sign our Facebook petition asking Chairman Berman you support his push to make US foreign aid more effective at ending global poverty.

And please FORWARD THIS EMAIL on to all your friends.

Thank you for your time and action,

Tim Fullerton
Oxfam America

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