The ICT4Autism Giveaway made the Education Today Press!

Hi everyone. Great news. Just thought I would let you know that the giveaway with Paul Ross, Sony and Cricksoft has made the Education Today Press. It is an excellent story which will go some way to raising the profile of the charity. I hope that you will…Read More

Meeting with New Sponsor for ICT4Autism

Very exciting developments happened yesterday. I met with my new sponsor for the registered charity ICT4Autism. We are now entering into partnership with Eastbourne Town Football Club for a year's sponsorship. The FC are going to support us and bring our name…Read More

How to Deal with 5th November if you Have a Child who is Scared of Loud Noises.

Do you have a child with sensory integration dysfunction who is easily startled or generally frightened of loud noises? Are you worried about how to cope with the upcoming celebrations on Friday and over the ensuing weekend? Mark Brown, Special Needs Health…Read More

Big ICT4Autism Launch Day!

On 22nd October we held a big Launch for ICT4Autism where five systems were donated to five lucky children in Sussex. Check out this BLOG entry to see the photos of the day. It was a wonderful afternoon and the children are thrilled with their new computers…Read More

Become a Member of ICT4Autism!!

Dear All You may now support ICT4Autism by becoming a member for an annual fee, and receiving many benefits. You may find out all the details at Among the benefits you will receive with your annual membership are a 12 month…Read More

Photos of young children interacting with Bubble Tubes

Dear All Please do have a look at these absolutely gorgeous pics taken by of my two little boys interacting with the Bubble Tubes hand built by Digby & Sprout Ltd. The Bubble Tubes are Passive Colour Changing 1m tall. On Sale Now.…Read More

Specialist Health Visitor to Answer Any Questions

In order to support The L.I.M.E. we need the readership, to give the voice, and the power behind the publication, in order to effectively make changes. Without the readership the Campaign won't work. So I ask you all as much appreciated and respected…Read More
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