Open Letter to the Political Leaders of GTA. from the People of Darjeeling,

Sirs, Jai Gorkha! As we enter into a new phase of administration called the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration in the Darjeeling hills and some adjoining areas, it becomes very important to analyse how this new body will be more effective than the…Read More

Thanks for your support .

Namaste I would like to welcome and thanks for your support, now is the time to do something and get our demand and our identity. As people supporting this demand in different way, some support it as an active political member but my idea of creating this…Read More

Your support to this cause is highly appreciated

My dear I would like to thank you all for your support, with out your support it is impossible to get success and reach the second level we have gathered 68 members till now hope we will reach 100 very soon.So do invite more supporters and make our cause No.1…Read More


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