PRODIM and need for donations.

I hope that this finds you all healthy and sane as the holiday season is upon us. I know that the past few years has been tremendously challanging economically for both individuals and institutions across the globe. We have seen or participated in wonderful…Read More

2009 End of the year Donation to PRODIM

Happy Holidays and Greetings to all, While not every donation can make a significant impact right away, a donation to Programas para el Desarrollo de la Infancia y la Mujer (PRODIM) will! PRODIM is a non-for-profit Honduran organization working on increasing…Read More

Emergency Contraception Prohibition in Honduras

Hello to all, I am writing from Tegucigalpa, Honduras about an action taken by the Honduran congress with regards to Emergency Contraception. EC (in Spanish PAE--la Pastilla Anticonceptiva de Emergencia) was legal and available in most pharmacies in…Read More

Problem with Facebook Giving link

For some reason that Facebook and Causes cannot determine, the donation link to Prodim is not working. We are continuing to work on it, but in the meantime, 1) You can donate via, or 2) Just send a check to PRODIM by mail to: PRODIM 721 Wesley…Read More

Fundraising for PRODIM

Donate to PRODIM--Programs for the Development of Women and Children. It is a tax-exempt non-profit where I work here in Honduras. Go to or to the bottom of the newsletter to see where to send $$. Thanks!

Donations to PRODIM

Donations to PRODIM can be made via PAYPAL on the website: w or via the JustGive webite: Give generously! The average per capita income in Honduras is $1000. Even a small donation makes a HUGE difference…Read More
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