Happy Birthday KICD!

On 09/09/99 KICD was inaugurated at Kavchha. At that time there was just a tent for the inauguration on the plot. The roof of the main building had only been cast and we, the initiators, were living in a rented hut nearby. The institute has grown since then…Read More

Adolescence Resource Centre - Vocational Skill Training

Today we started at KICD with the vocational skill training for this year's batch of girls at our adolescence resource centres. From each centre two girls and one teacher participates. They will be responsible to teach the other girls at their respective…Read More

National Youth Day

In memoriam of the great Indian philosopher Swami Vivekananda the country celebrates National Youth Day at his birthday. On this occasion KICD organized through its five Adolescence Resource Centres (ARCs), financed by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Youth…Read More

MP-RLP - Good Bye

Today was the last day of our livelihood project in co-operation with the State of Madhya Pradesh, financed by UK's DFID. Our Project Facilitating Team - Katthiwada 2 - was among the best ones of the whole state. For the good bye party also the governmental…Read More

ARC - Vocational training - solar cooker

After having assembled the parabolic solar cooker almost each day a part of the food is cooked on the solar cooker. The girls also receive training in making new dishes - in this case a sweet chutney from Amla, a sour fruit most rich in vitamin C. (More…Read More

ARC - Vocational training - stitching

A lady gifted her old big size Kurtas and her daughter-in-law children t-shirts. The girls cut off the upper part of the Kurtas and the girls stiched for themselves long skirts from the rest (recently they had a stitching course at the institute). With the…Read More

Adolescence Training

Today we had an adolescence training at the Higher Secondary School of Andharkanch. It was interesting to observe that those girls, who had been living at our adolescence resource centre for the last four months, were much more vivid and outspoken than most…Read More
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