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Update on April 22, 2013

As the influx of diagnosed and unknown illnesses arise and the knowledge base of evidence, exposures and private research (Veterans able to obtain a private Physician) for all that had been deployed to the Middle East; a tidal-wave of paperwork would fill the…Read More

SIGN the Sandy Hook Global Sympathy Card


This was sent to me by a great group of friends that help our Veterans all the time. A TRUE meaning of Memorial Day. Godspeed to all.

A Commendable and Honorable Veteran assistance Orginization

One of the Organizations I am proud of supporting and promoting. They are just shy of hitting a thousand likes. View their page and see the heart driven Veterans helping Veterans actions.

I support Representative Gus Bilirakis!

Most of the time I would not place my Political view, but Congressman Gus Bilirakis is VERY Veteran and Military supportive. I've watched him speak on the Hill and in the Veterans Committee. If you are in the district, More


Well, we have about month till Election Day. First, anyone that is eligible to vote should do so. This is what our Troops are fighting for. Also, really look into the persons that are running for office. So many people just run down the line and pick their…Read More
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