The Time to Get Involved is NOW

With the primaries a distant memory, and the General Election still months way, NOW is the time to get involved. There are 50 Libertarian candidates running across the state of Ohio, and each and every one of them could use your help. We need campaign…Read More

Now is the time to get started

May 4th has come and gone, and it appears as though the Tea Party Republicans that wanted to reform the GOP have lost. That gives us a unique opportunity to reach out to them and others that are disgruntled by the current political system. There are two…Read More

May 4th is fast approaching, time to send a message!

Dear Friend in Liberty, After Tuesday, the career politicians in both parties will have an answer to a question they have been asking themselves for years: "Can we still get away with this? How long can we tax and spend, ignore the Constitution and violate…Read More

O-LIST!! Libertarian Candidates for Statewide Offices coming to a city near you!

Beginning Monday, April 19th, the statewide slate of candidates for the Libertarian Party will be conducting interactive meetings across the state of Ohio. Candidates participating will include: Ken Matesz - Governor, Marc Feldman - Attorney General, Mike…Read More

Fundraising Challenge

Wow, I can't believe we are up to 87 members! Many thanks to everyone who has invited their friends to join this cause. Now that we have a solid base of members, it is time to challenge you all once again. Page one of the 'How to Run a Successful Political…Read More

LIbertarian to be on Jon Stewart show tomorrow night!

This is not an April Fool's Joke!! Libertarian National Committee Chairman Bill Redpath on Jon Stewart Show THURSDAY NIGHT, 11PM, April 1

Send out those invites!

We are up to 59 members now! But we need more. The two main points of this cause are to recruit members to the Libertarian Party, and raise funds for the LPO. Make sure you send out invites to members and non-members alike! We can't recruit members if they…Read More
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