Living Art ~ Inner Peace Viral

"Living Art"...aspire to evolve our consciousness & humanity.. from ..."the Words that make Sense" ‎"The task of art is enormous.Through the influence of real art, aided by science, guided by religion, that peaceful co-operation of man is now obtained…Read More

Your Authentic Voice needs to be Heard! Heal your community - Locally + Globally

It has been one year since our original call went out for your support of this cause. Over the span of this time much has been revealed to us in the joining of hearts for evolutionary change in our world. We are slowly reaching the tipping point of conscious…Read More

Spontaneous Painting Prayer

"With all that I am and all that I do......May I use my life to bring forth the divine consciousness". We are all endowed with the ability to unleash our divine subtle energy which Deepak Chopra calls pure potential. We are all artists and creators at heart.…Read More

!SPONTANEOUS CALL! Ambassadors of Art + Peace

Dr Susan Bello is working in Brazil with international students to develope their Innate Multiple Intelligence through and the Spontaneous Painting Process. Call for I.AM. Ambassadors of Art + Peace Which country do you live in ? Do you have…Read More

!SPONTANEOUSLY! Painting Subtle Energy

Susan Bello Ph.d ATR is speaking tonite at ISSSEEM- The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy --She addresses Spiritual Based evidence in the 21st Century through "Spontaneously Painting Subtle Energy". Her life work connects us to the…Read More

SPONTANEOUS Painting --Spring Workshop Series --Sign up with Paypal beginning this Tuesday

To insure an intimate exchange this class is limited in size...ensure your place in this Spring Series by registering today [email protected] "to create and expand in consciousness and beauty..what more is our human purpose"

What transforms you? --Transcends time?--and takes you to "the inner space"? Tell us your story ....How do you feel when you create and "when time stands still"

Learn about the inner space you can create in your life and in the act of Spontaneous Painting... Classes begin April with Susan Bello Ph.d....Ensure your place in this interactive group process . Limited enrollment. Visit our site…Read More
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