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Launching ourselves as a Facebook page

Dear all,

We are refocussing our Facebook activity on our new Facebook page. Please join our page to demonstrate your support. The page is called Hope and Play for children of Gaza. It is on!/pages/Hope-and-Play-for-Children-of-Gaza/108148812543233?ref=nf.

We are asking all our Cause members to join our page instead of (or as well as) the Causes app. Why is this better than causes for you?

- We are 'mainstream' FB! So you don't need to go to the causes app to see what we're up to.
- You can participate more with us through the discussion tab, photos, notes (aka blogs), as well as the wall.
- Your support for us is more visible as it is on your profile (if you choose it to be).
- You can get more and better updates. For instance, we have a tab with a chronology of the main events of the impact on Gaza's children of the war last year.

Why is this better than causes for us?
- As we are a UK Charity, people cannot donate to us using the Causes app. This means we get none of the real benefit of being a FB cause, but do have to maintain an app rather than just a FB page.
- We can be more active with our updates, so you can see our blog, photos and participate with us to help us move the right way.

Please join us there, and recommend / share the page with anyone you feel might support us. We are hoping a Page will have more impact than a cause, and your help is very appreciated.

Thank you,
iyas @ Hope and Play.

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