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A Call For ENO National Coordinators 2013-15

How about to join a respected global team of committed educators as your country representative?

National ENO coordinators promote and spread information about ENO activities in their countries and are in contact with their national educational bodies or networks. They are responsible that ENO material will be translated in their national languages. National coordinators send their annual reports to continental coordinators (Africa, America, Asia, Europe) by the end of each year. Coordinators do this on voluntary basis, they are not to be paid. Coordinators in developing countries are to be supported for their participation in ENO conferences.

The deadline for applications will be 31 JAN 2013. This respectful list of coordinators will be announced in February 2013. Coordinators nominate their secretaries and regional coordinators in big countries, in co-operation with the ENO Director.

Interested? Welcome to fill in the form below:

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