End the illegal occupation of Iraq immediately

The Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) demands
the immediate withdrawal of American
occupying forces from Iraq. The hundreds of
billions of dollars saved by ending the
occupation should be spent on providing jobs
and education for those otherwise conscripted
by poverty into the military. Chapters of CAN
are student organizations on college and high
school campuses across the country all of which
organize against the war. Many chapters are
active around other social justice issues as well.

As a national formation, CAN – in collaboration
with other student formations – seeks to give
organizational representation to the student
antiwar movement. Sometimes, for national
mobilizations or days of action, CAN chapters
coordinate with one another. More often
individual chapters build separate local actions.
National decisions are made at the annual
delegated conference. In between conferences a
coordinating committee elected twice annually
(at national and regional conferences)
coordinates CAN’s activity as a national
formation with the fullest possible participation
of the membership.

CAN is an independent, student-run network
which links arms with all forces working to bring
the troops home. As long as the occupation of
Iraq persists CAN will be building an opposition.
And wherever our school administrations or
politicians are complicit with the war effort, we
will stand up to them.

1. Troops out now!

2. Reparations for the Iraqi people

3. Money for jobs and education