For our Portuguese cause members the link to the Madeira Governancy. Very informational.

Madeira begins buying its dead

Madeira has begun burying its dead after Saturday’s violent storm triggered flooding and landslides, killing at least 42 people. Hundreds of mourners attended the first joint funeral. One woman described how a fireman had saved five people, before being…Read More

Footage of Madeira disaster

Elvio Bettencourt just posted a link to your cause, UNITED WE CAN HELP MADEIRA ( Recent video from the devastation in Madeira. We regret the commentary is in Portuguese. Thanks, Elvio Bettencourt 6om Pa-…Read More

United we can definetly help flood victims

Thank You to all that have joined. With the sad thoughts of the devastation in Madeira still fresh in our memories, I plea that you pass this cause to all your friends to join and to donate financially if possible. One of our recruits Margarida Ferriera has…Read More
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