Hear our Voice is dedicated to challenging the pornography industry and an increasingly pornographic pop culture by working to end sexual exploitation, sexism, & sexist portrayals of women and gi

The ideas expressed in the description of this cause are attributed to Dominique Bressi.Dominique Bressi is a clinical psychologist specializing in women's trauma and the effects of sexual violence. She is a writer and long-time activist for the freeing of women enslaved by institutionalized exploitation.

1. . Stop Porn Culture affirms a sexuality rooted in equality, free of exploitation, coercion, and violence,asking us to recognize loss of the sacred

2. We will witness the horror suffered in the wake of institutionalized misogyny

3. Be informed.Be Aware.Women in this industry are objectified,enslaved,and dehumanized. Please visit this Site ~ http://stoppornculture.org/