A life-changing event bonds me closer to TAF's mission

On January 6, 2010, I experienced a life-changing moment while in Washington, DC. A pulmonary embolism (blood clots in my lungs) caused me to pass out and tumble headfirst down 8 cement stairs. After all the drama of the ambulance ride, the doctors working on…Read More

Creating a Season of Abundance in Education

If you receive our monthly newsletter, you know that despite recent successes and accolades for our work, resources are sometimes scarce in our classrooms. During this holiday season, we have another opportunity to come together as a community to provide the…Read More

Microsoft Alumni Foundation celebrates achievements of TAF’s Executive Director

On November 18th, the Microsoft Alumni Foundation (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Microsoft-Alumni-Foundation/184253493880) will recognize Trish Millines Dziko for her distinguished contributions to the community since leaving Microsoft in 1996. Like many of…Read More

TAF needs your help putting "big ideas" into action

TAF recommends these "Ideas Worth Spreading," courtesy of TED, concerning the evolution of technology-driven public education: http://blogs.techaccess.org/medialab/2009/10/19/ideas-worth-preading/ TAF is putting "big ideas" into action every day with…Read More

The Debate about STEM Curriculum in Seattle Public Schools

Why is STEM curriculum so revolutionary in Seattle Public Schools? We don't have to travel "over there" to the Tri-Cities, as the author of this blog post suggests, for a good example of STEM when TAF Academy is right here in our own…Read More

Announcing TAF MediaLab

Read more at http://blogs.techaccess.org/medialab We invite you to be an active part of the conversation about the evolution of STEM-focused public education and the creation of more opportunities for students of color. Thank you for your support of our…Read More

Official TAF Academy Network Report -- Year One

Hi, We have officially released the TAF Academy Network Report (http://www.techaccess.org/tafpdfs/tafacademy/tafacademynetworkreport2008-2009.pdf) that outlines the work, successes, challenges, and lessons learned from our first year of TAF Academy. It also…Read More
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