Rally is getting close

The rally is set for March 13th in the Jacksonville, Alabama town square. I have posted a link for the map via Google maps if you would like to attend on the cause home page.....Whoohoo....you have all done a great job on raising the members soooooo fast.…Read More


In just a few weeks my cause has reached 273 members, my pledge was 300, but will take as many as we can get. Our next rally is March 13th in Jacksonville, AL and I'll be there with bells on. Numbers count my dear friends and Native American family, please…Read More

Native American Video - Amazing Grace (In Cherokee

Kimela A. Perkey just posted a video to your cause, Save Sacred Native Burial Site Rally/Support (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/450197?m=6488e20b): It is the most breathtaking you will ever see, in my opinion....wado (thanks) Blue Horse Thanks, Kimela A.…Read More
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