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It's hot. Don't you agree?

It is hot. That is one thing we all cannot deny.

As the El Niño hit us recently, we have all been constantly sweating in our homes, frequently hitting the beaches or Baguio or Tagaytay, and often swearing as another black-out looms over our communities.

Manileños should agree that, coupled with the urban flurry of cars and pollution (not to mention, the wild election campaign), this summer has really been difficult.

However, down in Zamboanga or Basilan or Sulu, things are worse.

I think that Mindanao is where the meaning of "difficult" is a reality everyday. It is even hotter there because of their proximity to the sea. It is even hotter there in that two 2- or 3-hour black-outs are expected everyday. Beyond the physical, it is even hotter there in terms of war, crime, and poverty.

The children there whom we seek to help see the extreme weather as the smallest challenge they face. Weak and young and vulnerable as they are, they live in a world where their friends are recruited by terrorist groups for money; where the government has forgotten about their crumbling schools; where they run in fear of bombs and bullets.

Let us help them. Let us show them and teach them about better worlds they can be part of someday through books.

This summer, we can complain about the heat, our incessant sweating, and the poster faces of politicians covering the slums. But we would make better use of our time helping these kids out.

Help us solve the problem of terrorism and poverty for the children of Mindanao. Help us help them rise out of the heat--and into better worlds where they can achieve dignity, success, and freedom.

Simply inviting your friends and being aware of our cause is a big deal already. Thank you and God bless!

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