We’re out to rescue poor kids from the jaws of terrorism and criminality in Southern Philippines. Help us stop the rise of 12-year-old child warriors. We want these kids to pick up books; not guns.

In the southern part of the Philippines, children as young as 12 are being recruited to join terrorist and rebel groups to include the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) or Bearer of the Sword. This group is being blamed for kidnapping, robbery and other criminal activities down south. Our advocacy arose from our concern for the dark future of these hapless kids who are never even given a glimpse of a brighter future to be had from education. A-Book-Saya Group (ABSG) aims not only to demystify the exploits of the ASG but to use this dreaded name to provide an alternative to these poor kids by showing that there is a better life outside the barrel of a gun. We believe that through the books we deliver to these kids, they may realize that they have a choice of taking the path of peace to rise up from a life of want and extreme poverty.

1. Easily lured by petty cash and stories of war and adventure, children have become most vulnerable recruits of rebel groups in Mindanao.

2. With no dreams and unaware that there is a better life through education, these kids see terrorism and crime as the only viable means of lifelihood.

3. Through donated books, computers and literacy programs, we plan to show these kids that there is a better and richer life in becoming professionals.

4. We are out to flood Mindanao with books to plant the seeds of peace and stability ... starting with the young minds.

5. We are not out to clash head-on with terrorist groups but to only give poor Mindanao kids an alternative to a life of criminality they are born into.