Get Lead and Other Chemicals Out of Everyday Products

Despite all the recalls on children's toys, the shelves are still full of toys, jewelry and other products that have lead and other chemicals that are known to cause neurological, behavioral, learning, and reproductive problems. The Ecology Center led a team of environmental organizations from across the country in testing over 5,000 products. Lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals were more common than expected. The results are compiled in an online database at www.HealthyStuff.org

At www.HealthyToys.org, you can search for toys, nominate toys for testing, contact your representative and toy manufacturers to get toxics out of toys, and sign up to stay informed.

1. Toxic chemicals have no place in consumer products, especially children's products and pet stuff.

2. Everyone has a right to safe, non-toxic products.

3. Chemicals in products need to be regulated.