Jobcentre did not attend and sent a flash laywer to represent them. He stated it was a legal arguement (I agree) We dissagreed on the definition of Armed Forces Pension, he claimed it was defined as an Occupational Pension. I submitted it was defined under…Read More

Department of Works & Pensions Complaint

I have my oral appeal tomorrow (Friday 21 May) against the DWP decision to means test Armed Forces Pensions when assessing Jobseekers Allowance. Fingers x Thanks for all the support for people how have joined the Cause and my Number10 petition. One last time,…Read More

No Jobseekers allowance because of my Army pension

Just so that people are aware. Not only do Ex-services with a small pension, not able to claim Jobseekers Allowance but the pension they do receive is TAXED at source (unemployed or employed) Any other income is taxed at 20% which is normal but because of the…Read More

Thank you

Thank you for joining the CAUSE for ex service men & women after 22 years with a small well deserved pension to become eligible for Contribution based JobSeekers Allowance. Please help me promote the Cause by inviting your friends. I aplogise if this is…Read More


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