THE MANOR HOUSE Sunday at 1:30pm confrim via email or cellular... again this meeting is just to exchange ideas, and our plans for what needs change and adapt our agenda for the meting on the 5th... we all deserve our experience to be heard and devise a plan…Read More

ADMIT IT, STOP HIDING IT, 1st step to beating it and helping others!

PLEASE - If you know of anyone whom has passed, is addicted, or is using recreationally you are making a difference for all of them, if you do know of anyone who passed please forward their names and dates, as i want to present them to legislation and let…Read More

FAIRx..... forward the cause, meeting with Kate Browning on 03/05/10

Manditory rehabiliation until 21 cannot sign out of rehab, due to "not of sound mind", Central database for Dr's regarding pertninet health information and scripts written. Please join and help our children and loved ones who have passed, are addicted or are…Read More
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