12 years of taking Terminally Ill children to the Race Track to Ride in Racecars and meet Drivers

We are a Christian ministry that does this for the love of God and Children, there are no restrictions as to whom we assist, we take all faiths, or no faith, all races, all sex, and all illnesses (as long as they are able to participate), and all economic levels. See photos on website.

1. www.RaceRev.com

2. To give Cancer Children and their families the opportunity to experience auto road racing up close and personal in a way few people ever get to.

3. This is our 12th Year of taking 200 to 300 cancer children and their families for an all expense paid weekend to the track.

4. Under consturction: www.KidsRacingForLife.com

5. Event this year 10th, 11th, & 12th September, 2010